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Aunt Molly's Fine Glitter
Aunt Molly's Fine Glitter
Aunt Molly's Fine Glitter

Aunt Molly's Fine Glitter

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Aunt Molly's Fine Glitter
Lustrous Glitter 

Aunt Molly (June 29th, 1939 - September 21st, 2014)  was a beautiful free spirit. To this day she holds a special place in our hearts, as being the COOL Aunt, one who was not afraid to go against the grain, be bold, and stand out! In the late ’80s, Aunt Molly painted her house in Natchez, Mississippi a bright pink with green apple trim. I know! Bold, you are right, especially during the late ’80s! Aunt Molly’s Fine Glitter was named after Aunt Molly’s House. This bright pastel pink glitter was pretty close to the color of her house. And to this day this shade of pink is still the talk of the town. 

Some may sparkle Some have flash
but all of our glitters will leave a splash! 

Miss-Lou’s Lustrous Glitters will give all your projects an amazing sparkle!  Miss-Lou’s lustrous Glitter has an amazing shine without the rainbow effect.  Perfect for crafters of all ages, and experiences. You will definitely leave a splash of sparkle everywhere you go

Aunt Molly's Fine Glitter Use:

Crafts, DIY Projects, Resin Art, Tumbler Making, Cosmetic, the possibilities are endless. 

Product Details: 

Description: Break the norms with this glitter!

Glitter Type: Lustrous Glitter

Color: Bright Pastel Pink

Cut Size: Ultra Fine (0.008 or 1/128)

Material: Polyester Glitter

Amount per Unit: 2oz or 56.6g

Grade: Premium Grade Glitter 

Toxicity: Non-Toxic

UV Resistant: Yes 

Heat Resistant: Up to 200*C/ 392*F

Solvent Resistant: Yes 

Clump Free: Yes 

Alternate Cut Option:  N/A

Bundle Option: You never know if this glitter will be in a Miss-Lou Misstory Box


Aunt Molly's is a bright pastel pink lustrous ultra fine (0.008 or1/128) glitter.  

Aunt Molly's comes in an 88mL shaker or bag which fills 55-59g.

All shakers/bags are filled by weight. Shakers come with a dual opening lid for easy control for less waste.  

These weights are subject to change. 

Disclaimer: There will be a small difference in color from computer screens & photos versus the actual glitter however we try to make it as accurate as possible! 


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