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Miss-Lou Battle Box
Miss-Lou Battle Box

Miss-Lou Battle Box

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 Miss-Lou Battle Box:

How it works! 

-All orders must be placed by the 16th of October

-Miss-Lou will send you mystery items: 4 glitters, tumbler (if you choose that option), and some other products.  

- Once you receive your Battle Box DO NOT OPEN IT UNTIL THE LIVE DATE! 

-Battle Date October 26th you will have to go live in Let's GO Crafting and Review (Facebook group). You must open your Battle Box on your live, and go live while you make your tumbler. 

-What you can and can not use:  You MUST USE everything in the box, you can use mica, inks, paints, decals of your choice (waterslides, vinyl, etc.) YOU CAN NOT USE ANY OTHER GLITTERS INCLUDING GLITTERS FROM MISS-LOU 

-The judges are blind judges, you will not know who they are. 

-Winners of the Battle Box will be announced Nov.1st 

-Winners will receive a gift card to Miss-Lou: 1st place prize is $50 2nd place is $25


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