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Dancing Queen  Chunky Glitter
Dancing Queen  Chunky Glitter
Dancing Queen  Chunky Glitter

Dancing Queen Chunky Glitter

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 (Glitter Name)
Lustrous Glitter 
Some may sparkle, Some have flash
but all of our glitters will leave a splash! 

Miss-Lou’s Lustrous Glitters will give all your projects an amazing sparkle!  Miss-Lou’s Lustrous Glitter has an amazing shine without the rainbow effect.  Perfect for crafters of all ages, and experiences. You will definitely leave a splash of sparkle everywhere you go. 

(Glitter Name) Glitter Use:

Crafts, DIY Projects, Resin Art, Tumbler Making, Cosmetic, the possibilities are endless. 

Product Details: 


Glitter Type: Lustrous 


Cut Size: 

Material: Polyester Glitter

Amount per Unit: 2oz or 56.6g (Change if we sell it in a different weight)

Grade: Premium Grade Glitter 

Toxicity: Non-Toxic

UV Resistant: Yes 

Heat Resistant: Up to 200*C/ 392*F

Solvent Resistant: Yes 

Clump Free: Yes 

Alternate Cut Option: Enchanted Fine Glitter Rose of Sharon Coarse Glitter 

Bundle Option: You never know if this glitter will be in a Miss-Lou Misstory Box

(Add Glitter Size Scale) 

(* add this to the description up top) (Glitter Name) is (color)  Lustrous glitter. Glitter cut (glitter size) glitter.  

(Glitter Name) comes in an 88mL shaker or bag which fills 55-59g.

 (Adjust weight for those sold by 1 oz)

All shakers/bags is filled by weight. Shakers come with a dual opening lid for easy control and less waste.  

These weights are subject to change. 

Disclaimer: There will be a small difference in color from computer screens & photos versus the actual glitter, however, we will try to make it as accurate as possible!

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