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Frequently Asked Questions: Tumbler Palooza 2022


Q: When is Tumbler Palooza 2022?

A:Tumbler Palooza is June 24th-25th 

Q: Where is Tumbler Palooza 2022?

A:Tumbler Palooza will be held in Natchez, Mississippi at the Natchez Convention Center. 211 Main Street Natchez, MS 39120

Q: What is Tumbler Palooza?

A: Tumbler Palooza is a 2 day Tumbler Making workshop and Market Event

Q: What are the Tumbler Palooza Levels? 

A: Krewe de Broadway is our Beginner level workshop

    Krewe de Natchez is our Intermittent level workshop

    Krewe de Miss-Lou is our Advance level workshop

Each level is offered virtually with or without a Deno’s Tumbler Turner

Q: How do I pick my level?

A: Picking your level should be based on what you are most comfortable with. How long have you been making tumblers? If you're just starting out then we suggest the beginner to intermediate levels. If you have been making Tumblers for some time, then the advanced level would be perfect for you. Each Level will encourage you to grow in your craft, and challenge you to try new styles.  

Q: What airport do you recommend to fly into? 

A:   There are two airports that we recommend for your travels. However these are just suggestions and you are welcome to choose any of the other airports that are near   to Natchez. 

Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport

9430 Jackie Cochran Dr. 

Baton Rouge, LA 

Airport Code: BTR

Distance from Natchez, MS. 81 miles roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes away.

Take HWY 61 North to Natchez. 

Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport 

100 International Drive 

Jackson, MS.

Airport Code: JAN

Distance from Natchez, MS. 116 miles roughly 2 hours away.

Take HWY to HWY 61 South to Natchez

Q: What day should I fly in? 

A: I recommend flying in on Thursday June 23rd 2022. Classes will start promptly at 8am Friday June 24th 2022. 

Q: How do we get from the airport to Natchez, Mississippi, will there be a shuttle? 

A: We will not be running a shuttle from the airports, please carpool or rent a car from the airport. Feel free to make a post in the Palooza Group to make arrangements. 

Q: Does the Tumbler Palooza Ticket Price include Room and Food?

A: No, the ticket price does not include room or food while in Natchez, there are plenty of hotel and dining options to choose from.

Q: Where should I stay? 

A: Miss-Lou Designs and More has partnered with four local hotels within walking distance to the Natchez Convention Center, giving you the best price per night during your stay. 



The Following Hotels are the Hotels that Miss-Lou Has Partnered with for room blocks.   

Magnolia Bluff Casino & Hotel 

Address: 645 S. Canal Street Natchez, Ms. 39120

Phone: 601-861-4600

Distance: 1 Mile 



Hampton Inn & Suites 

Address: 627 S. Canal Street Natchez, Ms. 39120

Phone: 601-446-6770

Distance: 0.9 Mile



Natchez Grand Hotel & Suites 

Address: 111 N Broadway Street Natchez, Ms. 39120

Phone: 601-445-9994

Distance: Right across the street



Natchez Manor

Address: 600 Franklin Street Natchez, Ms. 39120

Phone: 601-442-4441

Distance: 0.4 Mile


Q: What is in the Palooza loot?                                                        

A: Everyone will get a Mini Single Deno’s Tumbler Turner, 2 Chucks with foam inserts. (If you are virtual who opted out of the Turner, you will not get the Turner), (6) 20 oz Straight Parish Tumblers, Glitter, Mica Powder, (5) Alcohol inks, Brushes, Vinyl, foil, Adhesives, Epoxy, and much much more. 

Q: What time will Palooza Start? 

A: Access to The Palooza Market (Vendor Shopping) is tentatively scheduled for Thursday June 23rd at 4pm. 

Palooza Kick off Friday June 24th 2022 is tentatively scheduled for 8am to 9am. Each Class level will start at a different time. 

Q: Will we get a lunch break or do we need to plan on bringing food with us daily?

A: We will take an hour break for lunch. Please reference the following link for dining recommendations. 

Each of these recommendations are within walking distance of the Natchez Convention Center.  If you would prefer to stay at the convention center you can also door dash your lunch? 

Q: What time will Palooza end Daily? 

A: Our tentative plan is to end each workshop by 5pm. When we finish our schedule we will update everyone. 

Q: When is Tumbler Palooza Check-in?

A: Tumbler Palooza Check-in will be Thursday June 23rd from 4pm to 6pm and 8pm to 9pm. Friday June 24th from 6:30am to 7:30 am

 Q: Where do we watch the lives and replays? 

A: Please join the Tumbler Palooza 2022 Facebook group to have access to all the lives and replays. 

Q: I have requested to join the Tumbler Palooza 2022, and I am unable to join? 

A: Only Ticket Holders are allowed to join the Tumbler Palooza 2022 group. You MUST answer all three questions to be approved. Your ticket or order number is verified before you are allowed in the group. If you have been denied either you did not answer all the questions or you did not provide a proper order/ticket number. 

Q: I am flying to and from Tumbler Palooza will I be able to ship my Palooza Loot and other goodies home? 

A: Yes, Miss-Lou Designs will have a shipping station available, we will ship via Fed-Ex. 

Q: Do I need to bring any Supplies to Tumbler Palooza? 

A: These Items are not required, but if you prefer to have them then we highly recommend them. PPE, Carrying bag for all your loot, zip lock bags (gallon size), parchment paper, extra gloves, any of your favorite tumbler supplies. 

You will have access to everything you need to make the tumblers we will be doing during your level workshop. There will be items that are shareable on the table, these will not be allowed to go home with you. They are owned by Miss-Lou Designs. 

Q: Does everyone get the same Tumbler Palooza Supplies?

A: Everyone will get the same glitter, mica, epoxy, tumblers, but there will be some specialty items that only your level will get. Some items may vary; it just depends on the level that you are taking at Tumbler Palooza. 

Q: Will there be items that virtual attendees need to get prior to Tumbler Palooza?

A: If you are a virtual attendees may want to have the following items but these are not required; 90% Rubbing Alcohol, gloves, Paper Towels/ coffee filters/baby wipes ( for clean up), Vinyl weeding tools, heat gun, PPE, extra paint brushes, scissors, copy paper , etc. Virtual attendees will get a detailed list of potential items needed in their box. 

Q: When will the Tumbler Palooza Virtual Boxes ship? 

A:  Tumbler Palooza Virtual boxes will Ship around June 5th-10th via Fed-Ex, we will confirm your mailing address around June 1st, 2022. 

Q: What is a Tumbler Palooza shareable?

A: Tumbler Palooza shareables are supplies that could be needed that are not in your Palooza Loot. For example Rubbing Alcohol, Paper Towels, scissors, permanent markers, Heat gun, tape, paint, etc. These items are not for you to take home, they are property of Miss-Lou Designs, and will be collected daily.

Q: How will The Tumbler Palooza Shareables  be accounted for daily? 

A: We will be collecting the shareables at the end of each day. Shareables will not remain in the workshops. We ask that you please make sure that everything is back in the bin at the end of each day. 

Q: Will my tumbler be completed by the end of my workshop?

A: At tumbler Palooza we focus on understanding and mastering a technique, along with testing new products from other small businesses. Some tumblers will have to be completed at home. We will make sure that all tumblers are safe to travel with. 

Q: How do I complete my Tumbler at home? 

A: Workshop videos will be available for replay through the Tumbler Palooza 2022 Facebook group. Link is listed above. 

Q: Will I have access to the classrooms after hours? 

A: No, once we lock up for the day we are done, no one will be allowed back in the vendor floor or the classrooms.

Q:  Is there a posted Tumbler Palooza schedule yet?

A: No, the posted schedule will be sent out about a month in advance. 

Q: Can I sit in on the other class workshops, if I am not signed up for that class level? 

A: We kindly ask that you please stay in your workshop, we will only have enough sitting per each level. You will be able to watch the replays for the other levels if you are in the Tumbler Palooza 2022 Facebook page. 

Q: Is there a fee to park our cars? 

A: No, there is no fee for parking  at the hotels or the convention center. There is plenty of parking around the convention center. 

Q: What time will the Crystal Skull Bling class begin on Saturday June 25th, 2022 

A: Our tentative plan for Crystal Skull Bling’s Laura Milford to start her class is around 2pm. We will update everyone when it gets closer to the final schedule. 

Q: Will we be able to meet and shop all of the Tumbler Palooza Sponsors? 

A: Yes, all of our Amazing Sponsors will have booths set up in the Palooza Market. We will also have other vendors, some craft suppliers and some local artists. Let’s show them a lot of love. 

Q: Can we bring a husband, friend to sit with us in our workshop? 

A: Absolutely, if they will not be creating we do ask that they have a non-participant ticket. 

Q: Will Children be allowed in the workshops? 

A: Children under the age of 12 will not be allowed in the workshops. Children ages 12-16 MUST HAVE adult supervision. Children 12-18 that are in the workshops must have either a participant or non-participant ticket. 

Q: What if I am unable to attend, can I get a refund?

A: If you are unable to attend for whatever reason your in-person ticket will be transferred to a virtual Tumbler Palooza Ticket. We are not offering refunds for any reason. Supplies are already on the way. If you need to transfer to a virtual please contact Amanda at

Q: Is PPE provided? 

A: Tumbler Palooza will not be providing PPE. If you are in need of PPE please come prepared. 

Q: Is Tumbler Palooza requiring people to wear a  mask? 

A: At this time masks are not required in local businesses, restaurants, or events per the city of Natchez.  However we will follow our local guidelines, and update everyone on the Tumbler Palooza 2022 Facebook group if that changes. However you are welcome to bring and wear a mask if you choose. Please be aware of what your travel arrangements require.  

Q: Is Tumbler Palooza confirming vaccine status? 

A: At this time vaccine status is not required for any businesses, events, etc. per the city of Natchez. However we will follow our local guidelines, and update everyone on the Tumbler Palooza 2022 Facebook group if that changes. Please be aware of what your travel arrangements require.

Q: Is Tumbler Palooza requiring proof of a negative Covid-19 test? 

A: At this time proof of a Negative Covid-19 Test is not required for any businesses, events, etc. per the city of Natchez. However we will follow our local guidelines, and update everyone on the Tumbler Palooza 2022 Facebook group if that changes. Please be aware of what your travel arrangements require.