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Tumbler Palooza Turners

Miss-Lou Designs and More is happy to announce our tumbler turner sponsor for Tumbler Palooza 2022. 

Deno's Tumbler Turners will be provide a mini single turner to all Palooza in-person attendees, if you are attending virtually you have the option of getting a Deno's Tumbler Turner. 

Here is a little more information on Deno's Tumbler Turners 

Deno's  turners are made with White PVC
Made from a fire-retardant vinyl material. Perfect for complementing your craft space!
* Will not rot, crack, splinter or split
* Resistant to mold and mildew
* Impervious to moisture, insect and termite
* Does not require painting, accepts paints and stains well
* Fire retardant, class A flame spread rated
* Lightweight
* Each arm comes with its own motor and switch.
* We offer 3/4” rods and fittings.
* It will come with one arm per motor.
* All rods are 6” on center
* Custom turners are available upon request
* Each turner comes with a drying rack per motor
* Extra arms with honeycomb and/or black foam are available

The owners of Deno's Tumbler Turners are Sandy & Dennis Keneipp and are a husband wife duo team!

Sandy makes tumblers and was looking to buy a turner and quickly realized she couldn’t afford one. So Deno did some research and was able to make her one! What started as her having 2 10-Cup turners, flourished into a business helping other small businesses become successful with affordable turners!

They knew the struggle of starting out as a brand new small business, which is why they wanted to do their part in helping others.

Deno's pride themselves in supporting small business by being able to create tools that small businesses need at an affordable price. They also pride themselves in providing a quality product that will assist in there success of your small business.

Show Deno's Tumbler Turners some love join their Facebook group at

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