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Tumbler Palooza Sponsor

Become a Tumbler Palooza Sponsor!!!! 
Miss-Lou Designs & More’s Tumbler Palooza is excited to invite you to be a part of Tumbler Palooza 2022 hosted in Natchez, Mississippi, June 24th and 25th 2022. Miss-Lou Designs and More hosted Tumbler Palooza 2021 in May of this year. and it was an overwhelming success for our attendees, sponsors, and vendors, many of whom are joining us for Tumbler Palooza 2022.
The Natchez Convention Center will be the home of Tumbler Palooza 2022. This location offers a vibrant experience of cultures, food, and an inspirational setting for our attendees.
This two-day event will be filled with instructional classes to elevate Tumbler Makers’ and crafters skills, learn business management tools, all while being able to experience southern hospitality at it’s finest and visit Historic locations.
Who attended Tumbler Palooza? Small and large business owners, entrepreneurs, boutiques owners, shoppers, artist, advertising specialist, home crafters, and anyone who loves customizable drink-ware buy/make tumblers. Tumbler Makers use a wide variety of products to prefect their craft. Paper products to protect their surfaces and keep their area clean, turners and epoxy to help achieve a smooth glass like surface. Tumbler makers are also artist, who use glitter, rhinestones, mica powders, alcohol inks, paint, and much more.
While visiting Natchez, artist can be seen using the same materials to achieve amazing works of art. Natchez boasts a culture of art, inspiration and creativity that inspires and cultivates these traits in all who visit.
Natchez is the perfect location for Tumbler Palooza 2022 as it is a community that works together as we have seen in recent years. Community over competition, working along side our fellow craft companies is what sets Miss-Lou Designs and More apart. We believe that placing our customers needs first is essential to excellent customer service.
We invite you to join us, as your products are the building blocks for our customers success. Participating in this event will allow you, your company, and your products to have exposure in new markets, and allow you to connect with and expand your customer base.
Working together we can make Tumbler Palooza 2022 a great experience for all of our customers. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your consideration
Sponsorships are the primary source of funding for this event and will help ensure its success. You can provide support in the following ways: · Being a Sponsor providing supplies/materials needed for each Tumbler creation or through a monetary donation. Your company logo will be placed on materials to promote the event.
Your company will be required to sign a liability waiver, this can be found in the sponsor packet linked below. 
Sponsor Deadline is February 8th, 2022. 
Deadline for Sponsored Material is March 15th, 2022
For any addition information please email Jeremiah Ruff at 
Thank you for your consideration! We look forward to working with you and your company. 

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