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New Product Launch June 14th 2021

Miss-Lou Designs & More has 18 new glitters that will take you on journey through Natchez, Mississippi. 

The Blue's Trail Dot Glitter

Blue Man Fine Glitter 

River Street 

St Mary's

The House on Union 

Main Street 

Natchez Trace 


The Grand


Emerald Mound

Steam Boat

Cherry Bark

Silver Street 




Fight Orange

Faux Ice and Fruit for your tumbler Toppers 


Tumbler Topper Mold

Medium Faux Ice Cubes 

Large Faux Ice Cubes 

Faux Apple Slices 

Faux Orange Slices

Faux Lime Slices

Faux Lemon Slices

Faux Mix Fruit Slices 

Faux Lemon Wedge 

Faux Cherries

Tumbler Palooza 2022 is going to be AMAZING it will be in Natchez, MS. Miss-Lou's Home Town June 24th and 25th 2022. Check it out!  


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