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Meet Cheryl & Sheldon Pope- Krewe De Broadway Teacher

Hey ya’ll, this is Shelden and Cheryl Pope, from Just Stick It. We are a Veteran owned small business, mostly residing on Facebook and Tic Toc. We have been creating tumblers for about 18 months. About 2 years ago Cheryl and I were trying to figure out our next move was, when I retired from the Army. We decided to go all in on tumbler making, and we couldn’t be happier. We are so humbled for all the love; the world has shown to a family from Mississippi. We love to hang out with our “Flockers” and we love to help people along the way. It is going to be an honor to pass our knowledge on to present and future tumbler makers at Tumbler Palooza 2022. Remember, if you don’t attend Cheryl’s class during Palooza, she might just call the cops on you.

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